12 September 2012

wip: owww

I had my workplace assessed last week.  I've had this pain all up my right arm.  I supposed it was because I'm not sitting at my desk properly.  I'm also a bit paranoid becuase of all of these type of articles I've been seeing lately (also this infographic) (I think I need one of these.. ahh the joys of random googling).  The assessment lady made some changes, but when I got home, I realised that I've been crocheting like a mad woman this last month.  Usually my crochet time is limited to my daily commute, but this last month I've had a deadline so have been devoting every spare moment I've had to the hook.  So, I think I can fairly attribute at least some of my pain to crochet. 

Talk about suffering for my art.

Anyway, I've finished my mammoth project, but will show you later, given that Friday is the traditional day for showing off in the crochet community.  After finishing my biggie, I was in that limbo state where I didn't have a project I immediately needed to get to (I do have an extensive range of wips, but was not feeling inspired).  It's an odd feeling, not knowing what to do next, but I have been enjoying getting home of an evening and plonking myself on the couch without a hook in my hand  (I've started watching Breaking Bad finally, which is really good!).  And I've been resting my arm a bit, which is also nice.  However, I always need to have something to do on the train, so I've chosen a small project for myself.  I've learnt a new skill too, and that's pretty rad. 

I give you the beginnings of a camera strap cover (is there a technical term for this?).  It's s done in tapestry crochet (oooOOoooo) in the most awesome kitty design.  Go me!

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