24 September 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: La Citta

We sampled another Degraves St cafe last week, and why not - there are so many!

Location: La Citta
11 Degraves St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9639 1860

Dining Date:  19 September 2012

La Citta serves their benny on ridiculously large plates. Seriously, they didn't even fit on our micro table - what was up with that?  Otherwise La Citta has a lovely atmosphere, very dark and intimate, and so close I knocked all the shit off the table with my bag as I was leaving.  Ooops.

Base: Toast!  Multi-grain toast.  Fairly tasty, though the edges were a bit burnt on mine.
Eggs:  Cooked perfectly.
Sauce: Really REALLY tasty.  Had a touch of a mustard flavour in it, so tangy and went really well with the ham.
Ham: Top notch, although I don't think it was heated, and as a result the dish cooled down faster than I would have liked.
Price: $17.50
Coffee:  Good, but nothing to write home about.
Service:  Very good.

Tanya: 8/10
As you can see from the breakdown above, every element of La Citta's benny was great, but it would have been better if that ham was grilled, so that the dish didn't cool down so quickly.  Very very tasty otherwise, the sauce was the highlight, as it should be!
Lil sis:  8.5/10
Not on the traditional English muffins but the bread was fresh which was nice for a change. Eggs were a little over cooked but the hollandaise was the best we have had yet so it made up for that. Really nice ham too today.  Good service also.

And how does that look on the benedict-o-meter?  Because I can't be assed with quarter ratings, w are rounding up to 8.5 out of 10 Benedicts!

Make sure you check out my map to see the other eggs benny locations lil sis and I have checked out.

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