05 September 2012

wip: progeny

Still working on the layette for my sister, or more accurately, for new niecicle, due mid this month.  I should be finished by the weekend, I'm just getting to the finishing touches like weaving in an endless amount of ends (curse you stripes! *shakes fist) borders and buttons.   The layette will consist of 1 x blanket, 2 x cardigans (one small, one a bit less small), 2 x hats (ditto on sizes) and 1 or two pair of booties.  Here's some arty farty pictures of some bits and bobs.

I'm currently mourning the loss of season 5 of True Blood, so to lessen the blow I've obtained the audiobooks.  Book 1, Dead until Dark has so far lived up to expectations, as Sookie lives up to her name of being the BIGGEST SOOK EVER!  But it's fun to listen to and I'm interested to see how it differs from the show. So far, about half way through, it's very similar, although I know the show evetually deviates a lot.  There's no Tara, which is the main difference.  Oh, and **spoiler** Elvis is a vampire.

Here's a treat from you, one of my favourite Lafayette quotes from season 5!!

See what I did with my title?  Relevant to my wip and the book I'm reading right now ;)  I'm so clever!

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  1. What a cute idea to make a layette set! I have several friends expecting babies soon, and we're expecting in March ourselves, so I just may have to do this also!!

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog this evening! :)