19 September 2012

wip: honey

Lil sis (the one I partake in eggs benny with, not the one that just had a baby) thought she'd have a crack at knitting.  She just wanted a plain black scarf.  Well, she got through almost one ball of yarn and gave up! :(  She was doing pretty well, I thought, with her garter stitch, but she wasn't happy.

Oh well, big sis to the rescue!  I gave her a few options of patterns I could do for her (to hell with doing plain garter stitch) and she chose a honey cowl.  Besides, 7049 people can't be wrong, right?  I do quite like the front of the pattern, but the back is quite boring.  Luckily this is a cowl so it should be easy to keep the right side on the right side, you know what I mean?

Black yarn is just the best to photograph.
I'm making it with some el-cheapo wool my sister chose for her first project.  I personally really want to try this pattern as it was intended.. in that madelinetosh... is it as wonderful as they say?  I just don't know where to procure myself some.  I suppose I'll just go to the internet!  

This is why I can't participate in Year of Projects or One a Day.  I just don't know what I'm going to want to do, or be sidetracked by, next.  I have a rough idea what I want to do in my mind, and I don't feel the need to stick to any sort of plan.  I just do what makes me happy, which I try to do in all aspects of my life in any case. <3

Peace out homies.

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