09 April 2013

What happened in March

I wanted to post this a bit more proximate to the end of the Month, but whatevs, here's my March in review:

Smashed out another two Fun Runs, 8km and 5km respectively.

Crocheted through the heat wave (it's like I keep telling you, because I'm so hard core), and shared lots of projects in progress and finished with you

Visited the Organ Pipes National Park.

Watched a bunch of movies.

Celebrated the birthdays of two sisters with a scrumptious high tea and pedicures!

Received some lovely postcards, and even started making my own!

Got totally addicted to Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Showed off my expanding tureen collection.

Was giften Herman the German Friendship Cake starter. 

Started my 365 project on instagram.  (Which I appreciate, I have repeated most here!)

Bought The Kitten an ENORMOUS cat tree, second hand from eBay, because previous kitty only had 3 legs and couldn't climb it!  Awwww!

Did you get up to anything awesome last month?



  1. Three legged kitties are sad. My mother had one for a few years, she had been an abandoned little kitten with a broken/infected leg. My mother somehow managed to catch her and her to the vet (who said he would have put her down due to cost) but my mother was so invested that she was willing to pay for the amputation and meds. She lived for almost three happy years before her heart gave out (probably due to malnutrition as a kitten). Sorry to ramble about kitty stuff, the awesome tree really set me off. Your 365 project is truly inspiring, do you feel like you are becoming a better photographer because of it?

    1. Aw that's so sad. Good on your mum for caring, but I don't even want to know how much it cost!

      I met the kitty in qustion here and he seemed very healthy and happy, apart from the missing leg. He'd apparently beein hit by a car in his youth. It's good he has a family that loves him :)

      Not sure about becoming a better photographer. Maybe? I'm certainly being more mindful of trying to look for something cool to take a picture of on a daily basis. But there are a lot of days where I default to something much more mundane!