08 April 2013

five random things

I was tagged by Tecrin (aka Stefanie ;)) to tell you five random things about myself.


I'm totally addicted to TV.  I love TV shows so much guys, I'm addicted but really don't care.  My fave shows, in no particular order and including old and new include Bones, The Walking Dead, Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother, Comic Book Men, Highway Patrol (or any show where a camera follows the cops and they pull over hoons and muzzas), Young Justice, Adventure Time, The Big Bang Theory, Burn Notice, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Breaking Bad, 1600 Penn, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Misfits, Sherlock... I'm sure I'm forgetting heaps. 

I hate reality TV though.  That stupid thing they do where they make you wait to see if the judges liked your singing or your fruit tart or whatever until after the commercial.  Ugh life is too short. 

What's your favourite show?  Do you have any recommendations for me?


I get stressed out about not being able to craft as much as I like, which is dumb because craft is how I relax.  So it's a bit "Arrrgghhh I want to relax more!!"  OMG when Easter was coming up, I made myself a list of all the things I want to do... I was so upset because I didn't have time for all of them!  Wahhhhh!


I was named after a rag doll my Dad found on the road.  My parents didn't know what to name me, and Dad found this doll with 'Tanya' on it, and wah-lah, I had a name. 


This year my really big goal is to run a half marathon.  Thats 21kms, or 13.1 miles for those of you not on the metric system.  Last month I broke the 10km barrier for the first time ever.  I'm the fittest I've ever been in my life, and when I think that just 6 months ago I couldn't run even 1km I am really really proud of myself and looking forward to seeing how far I can actually go.  Maybe a whole marathon in 2014??


I don't believe in marraige.  I think the whole thing is a sham.  Weddings, engagements, ugh.  I am dumbfounded that people can get so obsessed over invitations, name cards, flowers.  I think the amount of time, effort and money that goes into these affairs is a joke.  I could care less about the jewellery you are choosing, and I think it's outrageous that you spent that much on a dress you are going to wear once.  I don't care that your engagement ring is bigger than hers.  Your invitations are nice, but do you realise they are going to end up in the bin?  I don't think marriage means you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone.  Aren't we all adults?  Surely you and your partner have discussed your future intentions with each other, and are mature enough to agree to be monogamous?  I abhore that the guy is expected to ask the girl, seriously?  I think it's super dumb that you act surprised, that you didn't expect it.  I've probably offended you all.  I'm not even sorry, I think it's so pointless.  Spend that money on property, or a holiday. 

That being said, I'm totally into hearing what you are doing in organising your wedding.  It's kind of like watching a train wreck. </rant>

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  1. This was super interesting, thanks for sharing. I agree with you on marriage, almost. We are religous so we believe that there should be no "relations" without marriage, however DH and I got married at the kitchen table with 2 witnesses, it took all of 20 minutes. It wasnt a huge deal, we are two adults we sat down and talked about if we want to be married (no surprises) and then planned to do it. I also think its a huge waste of money, a marriage party is supposed to be just a celebration that a new family has started, not like a fairy tale OMG crazy event, sometimes I just want to say, "grow up!" its marriage, no matter how beautiful your wedding is, you are still going to have to work hard, and fight, and have your days.....there will be no "happily ever after" there is dedication and hard work. However, if people absolutely want that and have the money, then by all means they should do what makes them happy, I just always hope they realize that no matter how beautiful they look and how amazing everything on their wedding day is, they will still have to work at a relationship the same as everyone else.

    1. yes, the religious thing is definitely a carve out to my 'no marriage' rule, because if it means something to you then that's alright. but why all the fuss? It becomes a sort of status symbol.. who has the bigger ring, the more expensive dress etc etc.

  2. Oh this looks like such a fun meme, I've been wanting to do it for a little while now, you've given me the push!

    I also agree with you completely about marriage, it is just one big industry and in the US, a way to give some people legal and social privilege over others. There was a short period of time where my boyfriend worked to change my mind, and a several years into the relationship (~6 years) he finally did because it meant so much to him. Throughout our relationship I was pretty sure that he would be monogamous marriage or no (he was one of the "good" guys), but shortly after he proposed to me he ran off with some other girl. Maybe the challenge was gone? My final conclusion, commitment or not, nothing's going to stop someone from being unfaithful if they want to be. I'm partially relieved because he was religious and I'm not, that probably wouldn't have gone well for the logistics of the wedding...

    Ah and you are right there is SO much good TV out there! Have you ever watched Twin Peaks? Amazing show.

    1. Sometimes I feel a bit bad about passing on memes... It can disturb the flow of your blog. Glad you participated :D

      If I was with someone who really watned to get married, they believed in it and it would make them happy, i would probably oblige, but then I probably wouldn't be with someone like that because we'd be too different. Very sorry to hear about your expeirence, hopefully it was a blessing in disguise!

      Haven't tried Twin Peaks but I will add it to The List!!

  3. I totally agree about reality TV - it's so tedious and irritating! You didn't mention Supernatural in your list of shows you do watch - if you don't watch it already, you really should, it is so good! ^_^

    Since I'm married I guess it's pretty obvious that I disagree with point five though ~_^ I am with you on some points - turning it all into a competition is pointless and weird and I don't get the obsession with big white dresses and massive diamond rings but ... I'm still very happy that Scott and I are married ^_^ For me, it was a really lovely day having all our friends around and performing the ritual that transitioned us into a family unit. I think everyone should have the option to get married if they want to, but I also completely understand that it is not for everyone! ^_^

    Also, I *so* get what you mean about crafting and relaxing! Sometimes I get so sad because I realise that I will never ever craft everything I want to in this lifetime ... but I just try to relax and enjoy my relaxing! Ha ha! ^_^

    1. I don't mind if marriage is a celebration and families and stuff I suppose, and I totally get that I am not with the status quo on this one, but when people spend hours and hours and hours folding paper cranes, obsessing over note cards, ridiculous shoes... really??

      Don't hate me though :)

  4. I'm right there with you as far as crafting/relaxation becoming stressful. I want to knit and craft everything I possibly can, and I only have a limited amount of time to do it, so I tend to over-structure my down-time. I'm stopping by after seeing Ivy's 5 facts!