10 April 2013


Feeling much better about this cowl now that I have made some progress.  It's not ast stiff as I anticipated, so I don't think it will be that bad to wear around one's neck.  You don't really get to feel the yarn worked up this way, so the scratchiness shouldn't be a huge issue either. 

Last week you probably didn't know what I was banging on about, this week it's lot clearer.

Awesome photography, brought to you by the crazy lady taking pictures of her crochet during her morning train commute.
One row of kitties to go, then this sucker will be just about finished.  It looks quite tribal, which is what football is all about right?

P.s. another song to reflect my changed attitude to this project.  Kind of.

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  1. In my opinion, kitty patterning makes stiffness and scratchiness a non-issue.

  2. Your work looks beautiful! I love crocheting in the train too:)

  3. Perhaps a good soak will soften it up. The kitties are adorable and worth a bit of itch.

  4. wow that is a super beautiful cowl, I love the little kitties!!!

  5. oooo! I've been wanting to try that pattern. Super cool! I just might have to copy you, being a cat lady. ;)

  6. Your cowl is fantastic! I love the kitties:) I also love that you took the photo on the train. I once had to explain to my neighbor why I was taking photos of my knitting in the yard. He walked away shaking his head:)

    1. knitting/crochet is not truly complete until you have a nice photo.

      I have two friends who take photos of me modelling.. we were in the park in the city one day and two of them taking photos of me flinging a shawl around! lol

  7. It looks great ! It looks like a lot of work, ah ?

  8. It's looking great! I bet A's mum is going to love it ^_^