02 April 2013


It was freaking cold for my most recent fun run.  The weather app told me it was 12C, but 'felt like' 7C!  Couldn't wait for the race to start to warm my frigid muscles!

Sunbury: Sunfest, 17 Mar, 5km

Result:  35:54
Place:  61
Freebies:  A got a freaking medal!!!

Rhon couldn't make it :( Even without my running buddy I was happy with my result.  Seven minute kilometres people!  Or so I thought!!  Turns out that the course was only 4.69km, according to my Garmin watch (yes, I have a running watch, I'm that hard core).

Oh well, I was happy with my run anyway.  It was a rainy day, and it felt really good to go for a run without the extra bother of sweltering temperature.  The last km was all UPHILL so that sucked, but I still managed a sprint to the end.  I'm no fun-run veteran, but my experience to date is with massive events with thousands of competitors.  It was interesting doing a lower key event (65 participants in the 5k!) in a bit of a ho-dunk town.  It was a pleasant enough run, I saw some ducks in the river.

I found it kinda funny that an opposition politician was there to start the race and hand out medals, rather than the local MP.  He's a bit on the chub side, I regret not asking him whey he wasn't competing.  heh.  We got a 'gift bag' at the end of the race filled with a whole bunch of political gumf.  Really?  That is not going to make me vote for you dude, and neither is this kind of bullshit:

Anyway, let's get back to the medal.  Check out my sweet medal!  I've been trying to see what outfits I can match it with, to get some real wear out of it.

That makes a grand total of 4 fun runs in 2013 so far.  I've put my calendar up here and you can read my other fun run posts here.

Next up, Run the Rock at the end of this month!  It's going to be a toughie, so glad to have the next month to train hard!



  1. Oh course you won a medal, you are that awesome after all! Congrats!

    1. Haha it was a participation medal, but I'm still counting it as a win :D thanks!