18 April 2013

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Cafe Excello

After a bit of a hiatus, Eggs Benny is back!  We were a bit unprepared with a venue this time, the place we had chosen were closed!  So there was a bit of a rush around to find another cafe with Benny on the menu.  We found the sun-drenched Cafe Excello on the corner of Spring Street and Little Collins.

Dining date:  16 April 2013

Location:  Cafe Excello
99 Spring St
Melbourne VIC 3001

Individual ratings:

Tanya:  6.5/10

Base: English muffins, pleasingly toasted with a lovely crunch.
Eggs:  Overcooked.  So quite terrible.  They were pretty scrawnly little eggs too.
Sauce:  Pretty sure it was that pre-made stuff, which Lil sis adores and I think is passable.
Ham:  Generous quantity, tasty.
Price:  $14
Coffee:  A little on the bitter side, but not undrinkable.
Service:  Very friendly, though I wasn't sure if I had to pay at the register or if they brought the bill to you, it wasn't clear.  I get diner's anxiety when I don't know how shit is supposed to go down.
Overall comment:  Average.  Not fabulous, not terrible.  Additional inclusion of spinach on the side to make you feel like you're being healthy.  A passable affair, I'm just happy to be eggs benny-ing again!

Lil sis:  7/10
After a long break, this week's Eggs Benny were delicious!  Sauce was the generic stuff which tastes great and they were on the traditional English muffins which is always a winner.  My eggs were a little overcooked but not bad at all. Spinach on the side which is not needed at all.  Coffee was average but for the price we got our moneys worth.

And how does that look on the benedict-o-meter?  Rounded up to a generous 7 Benedicts out of 10!

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~Tan & Jacks


  1. Oh not knowing what I need to do in a situation like that stresses me out too! That's part of the reason I avoid bars, I still don't understand how that whole thing works. I must wonder if you'll ever find the perfect Eggs Benny, think there's some out there?

    1. ugh bars, standing around drinking over priced beverages while not being able to hear what the person next to you is saying? yeah, now.

      I'm wondering too, I hope it's out there!!

  2. I feel you on the diner's anxiety! Have you started to demand that friends and family make you eggs benny so that you can compare theirs too yet? ~_^

    1. haha no, but that is an awesome idea! i've never made my own... i want to try that as well but it's much more fun going out :D and no dishes!