21 April 2013

fit and fantastic

So I wasn't going to blog about this one, I thought it kinda didn't count.  But you know what, it totally does, and I'm proud of my efforts, so here it is.

Carrum:  14 Apr 2013, 12KM

Result:  1:50ish
Place: Not important

This run was a bit of an informal event, organised by the amazeballs Heather Morgan of Health In Motion Fitness, to raise funds for her Oxfam trailwalker team.  (by the way, she RAN 100km in 17 hours).

Here's the thing, I didn't run the whole way :(  But I tried!  As my uncle says (and John Denver and Tom Petty), some days are diamonds, and some days are stone, and that's how the cookie crumbles. 

I made it the whole 12km, and I managed to sprint accross the finish line.  I ran about 3/4 of the first lap, and then ran/walked the second lap.  Laps are the worst - other runners will know.  You finish one, and you have SO FAR to go.  Avoid laps if you can. 

So here are the positives:
  • I did the whole thing!
  • The previous day, I did bootcamp with Rhonda (omg stairs at Moorooduc Quarry, and the hill of doom!) so was super exhausted anyway, so even trying to attempt 12km is amazeballs!
  • It was a beautiful day at a beautiful location (see above).
  • I didn't collapse.  LOL.
  • I didn't get sunburnt.  
  • I look gooood!

You know what?  I feel SO much better than I did at the start of writing this post.  I've even changed my title from 'close but no' to something Rhonda told me:  You are a runner now and you're fit and fantastic!  What would I do without her, seriously??



  1. You did good lady!!! Congrats on finishing!

  2. Congratulations! That is something to be proud of, and you're blessed to have a friend like that ♥

  3. congratulations for trying and achieving! i would not run if i didn't have to catch the bus or something, it is totally not for me, i tried years ago with my sister, but as much as she tried to keep me thinking positive, i would just be complaining, anyway not every sport is for all :)