26 April 2013

stash status

Totes addicted to Ravelry peeps. Uggh. Which is kind of depressing because I don't have time to knit and crochet all those things! I really really don't. 
But I have some lovely yarn in my stash, and it doesn't hurt to dream about what it might become?  Some time in the distant, distant future. 

My sisters bought me home this amazing mohair (in white and grey) from New Zealand, home of 40 million sheep.  How about a Ships & Seaside Cowl with a matching slouchy beanie?

That yarn I dyed, the one that came out looking like Cyndy Lauper's hair in the filmclip "The Goones R Good Enough"?

Ahem.  How about Florence?

This is SarahDianneT's version

This Candy Skein Delicious I won a while back.

How about Sweet Dreams? Or Streusel?

This is Krocinelle's beautiful version

This BWM Classic 8ply, gifted to me by my mum.

How about Miette, or a February Lady Sweater?

My remaining skein of Ms Gusset silk laceweight.  How about a Bramble Shawl?

So, that'll take me out till 2020.  Not including gifts I have promised people.  FML.



  1. We are both going to need a very long time to craft everything on our lists ... time to become immortal, I guess! ~_^

    1. I just wish i could quit my job and craft craft craft all day!

      (btw tried commenting on your blog but could not! :()

  2. I have a serious case of yarn-envy! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it all :)

  3. All your yarns and plans are beautiful. That Sweet Dreams shawl is so artistic. In your place I couldn't decide which one to start at first :)

    Btw Ravelry is a dangerous site for me too! I can spend there hours just planning and dreaming about what to knit next. I need lot of self-control to stay away...