14 April 2013

365: 21-40

21.  New milestone:  evidence of the first time I've ever run 10kms!
22.  New gear I treated myself to.  Unfortunately these shoes hurt my feet!  Trying to wear them in.
23.  Amazing coaster set in the shape of a bitter melon (originally thought it was a choko) with slices of the melon inside the melon.  Genius.
24.  Cute engraved bricks by children at Highpoint.
25.  Leonardo.
26.  The view from my workplace.
27.  The view on my way out of the workplace (best thing ever).
28.  The print from my girliest dress.
29.  Knitting. (duh)
30.  The Kitten lounging around.
31.  Happy Easter!
32.  A hang of hand-dyed yarn.
33.  My office coffee mug (the tardis disappears when it's hot!)
34.  Awesome grafitti on Hosier Lane.
35.  Postcards from Russia <3
36.  Crochet.  (duh)
37.  Cracked my sewing machine out of it's box for the first time!
38.  Rain crept up very quickly that day.
39.  Herman the German.
40.  Waiting for the early train. 

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  1. You have such a great eye for photography, I really hope you continue to develop your skills even if only so that I can enjoy seeing what you are up to!

    1. that is really sweet of you to say! sometimes I get good snaps, but this project is really about just capturing a moment of every day, not much thought goes into each photo, beyond 'hmm what is interesting that I can take a photo of?' :)