04 March 2013

What happened in February

So, I was inspired by this post about journalling one's life so one does not forget how awesome they are.  I think I am awesome, so want to reiterate that point here.  I get obsessed with this lil blog o mine about having pictures with everything... I wish I could be more minimalist like Alexandra, but then again, that's just one of the things that makes me awesome!  So, what happened in February?

I participated in, and completed my first and second fun runs!

I spent a weekend detoxing with Health in Motion Fitness (seriously, click on that link just to look at Heather.  wowser).  I haven't blogged about it (trying to forget it lol) but it involved apple cider vinegar, spirulina and a whole lotta exercise.  I certainly learnt a lot, and am trying to implement more healthy options into my life, with varying levels of success.  

I watched a bunch of movies.

I finished this, this and this.  Also been working on this and this.

I had a week off work and did awesome things, like visit Hanging Rock and actually climb the rock (which is not that big a feat, it's an 1800m round trip).  I've been to the market that was held there, which was ok, but never actually did the touristy thing of just visiting before.  We visited on a fairly miserable rainy day, but the mistiness added to the supposed mysteriousness.  oOOoooooOOOo

Was at work late enough one night to witness a gorgeous sunset from the window. (Working late?  look on the bright side!)

I met my friend's kitten (finally).  (Not as cute as The Kitten, obv)

I showed you some of the cool postcards I've recently received on Postcrossing.

Attempted to get my green thumb on by making a little succulent garden.

What awesome stuff did you get up to last month?



  1. Okay, my life is just not as exciting as yours or the blogger you linked to. Pretty much every part would be about studying and going on that exciting weekly grocery shopping trip. I definitely enjoy hear about all you've accomplished. I'm just in love the succulent garden! I've always wanted to do something similar but with cacti. They look wonderful! The Instagram of the city vista is wonderful too!

    1. I'm sure your life is exciting!

      To be fair this month was very busy, with fun runs, a week off work and detoxing. Usually my life is just work, home, tv. LOL. We'll see how this post looks next month!

      I highly recommend the succulent garden - cacti are pretty much the same yeah? Here's hoping I don't kill mine!!