07 March 2013

RU-151203 & RU-1502754

Two cards from Russia this week!  Not only that, both have a yarn theme, one crochet one knitting.  I just had to share.


The message reads (apart from the Russian as my feeble English keyboard doesn't have the correct characters so I just used Google tranlate):
Hello Tanya :)
How are you today?
My name's Liza and I'm writing you from Russia (Siberia).  It's great for me to send you a postcard - a piece of my town (Surgut) to Australia - so far from me. 
"Don't worry - be happy!" (this quote makes me smile)
In my language it sounds like: "Не волнуйтесь - будьте счастливы!"
Hope you'll like this card!
Best wishes, Liza


The message reads (verbatim):
Hello, Tanya!!!
My name is Katerina, I live in Russia-town Kungan.  Recently become involed crochet much I love this thing, now I knit myself a sweater and scarf to my boyfriend.
Good luck.  Katerina =)
The broken english makes it even more endearing :)

The stamps on this one were also a real treat!

Russia has solidified itself as my favourite nation to receive postcards from.  I am constantly surprised by the variety and quality of cards I receive. 

P.S.  Haven't heard of Postcrossing?  I tried to explain it all here.


  1. These are fun! And the crochet flower is so cute.

  2. Oh I was hoping to see some more of your postcard collection! The second one is lovely.

    1. Don't worry, I live my postcards so much I will be sharing often!