15 March 2013

Shut up brain

I could not sleep last night.  Despite turning in before 11 (very respectable I thought) I was still wide awake at 12.30.  Too many thoughts going through my head, including everything from current knitting and crochet projects to a planning a high tea. 

I thought getting that info out of my brain might help.  I remembered a tool a colleague likes to use at work, and thought it might help me in my hour of need.

Mind mapping.  Have you ever done this? 

I turned my phone on (I have it off during the night because I know how tempting it can be to play with it, but this was an emergency) and downloaded SimpleMind.

The results!

Did it work?  Kind of.  While I was happy to get a lot of this stuff down, then I was stuck thinking what other things I could add!  A bit of a vicious cycle.

Do you mind map?  I think I might do so more often, it's actually very satisfying to see all my thoughts in one place and coloured prettily.  I can definitely recommend the app I used, very intuititve and fun to do!


  1. That app looks AWESOME! I'm downloading it right now too. I love your mindmap, I think that if everyone did this then not as many people would have to be in therapy. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one with donut holes on the mind!

    1. ohh would love to see what's on your mind!

      donut holes.. amiright!!

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