05 March 2013

let's talk about this

I made a mistake.  Ok, I said it.  I'm sorry but I did.

Look at it.

How did that yarn over get over there?  I thought I was being oh so diligent reading the pattern, the most complicated I've attempted to date.  I was feeling very chuffed indeed at my blossoming knitting skillz.

With every round I see the mistake and I am annoyed.  But I will not go back.  Oh no siree jim bob.  Plus, that's what the back of the hat is for. 

Despite the mistake [shudder] I love this pattern.  I'm addicted to it.  It kept me up til 3am a few nights ago just so I could conquer the first few rows (for some reason getting out of the ribbing and into the pattern kicked my butt.  I think because I had to increase stitches and math it out).

I know all you yarnies out there were mesmerised by the hat donned by Gwen Stacy / Emma Stone in one of the final scenes of The Amazing Spiderman.   Some clever raveler wrote up the pattern.  People really are amazing.

This is a hat for me.  The first hat for me.  So, why not make a hat with everything all in one??  It has cables.  It has bobbles.  It has cool zig-zagging yarn overs.  Awesome.  Well, it doesn't have a pom-pom, but no one's perfect.

P.S.  In the light of day, I don't think the mistake is *that* bad.  

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  1. It is a great pattern! It ill look fine!

  2. I'm sure no one will notice. It looks fine.

  3. No one will know. It looks fine. I think you're brave making your first hat with such a complicated pattern.

  4. Wow I love the scarf... And the hat is absolutely gorgeous... I say it's a go :)

  5. You know, I wouldn't have noticed it unless you pointed it out. And no-one (including you!) will be looking as closely as you currently are while you're knitting it, once it's on your head. It's gorgeous :-). I may have to add the pattern to my list...

    1. That's true. I think I was just annoyed at such a silly error. The only thing worse is frogging though, so live and learn I guess :)

  6. Tanya, I am obviously not a good knitter at all as I can not even *see* this mistake! That is a lovely hat though, and I am sure yours will look wonderful too! ^_^