24 March 2013

Organ Pipes

Would you believe I only live 5km from Organ Pipes National Park and have never visited?  Well, I remedied that earlier this month.

It's a smallish park, and the organ pipes themselves are actually quite impressive to look at.  The only thing that spoiled the experience was the generous amount of bird poo covering one of the pipes!

Tried my hand at wildlife photography.  Even though I hate magpies with every fibre of my being.

Oh, you couldn't see the wildlife in that picture?  Here you go:

There he is!  I don't know what he is, maybe a type of fairy-wren?

Another park visited, another postcard created.  Original photography by me, bird poo and all!


  1. Great photos Tanya! I really like the little bird, and the organ pipes are really cool looking!

    1. Thanks!

      It was a mercy I had the park to myself that day. Here I was click click clicking away at these itty bitty birds. I thought they were sparrows until I zoomed in on the photos at home.

  2. Goodness, you live in a beautiful country. I truly enjoy getting to see where you live, you are lucky to live somewhere with so much nature.

    1. I live on the very fringes of suburbia, in repurposed farm land. It's a very new area and is currently being developed. I'm making a concerted effort to get off the couch and see more of our national parks and scenery this year :)

      Looking through these photos, this park is definitely a representation of what Australia looks like to me. Dry and scrubby.

  3. What neat rock formations. Great photos!