29 July 2013

Postcard feature: BY-930053, PL-710853, FI-1798019 *explicit*

A few postcards I have received recently and particularly liked.


I quite like this one for the very in-depth explanation of the front of the card.  And Opposition sucks!!
Hello Tanya!  I am Ann from Minsk, Belarus.  I chose this card for you because it's a very special symbol for my country.  Centuries ago it used to be flag (white-red-white) and symbol (image in the center) of our country.  Those times it called the Grand Dutchy of Lietuva (Lithuania nowadays) and was the greatest state in Europe in the Middle Ages.  The symbol is called "Cahse" ("PAGONIA" in belorussian langauge).  Nowadays these are symbols of our political opposition.  Opposition sucks (so as legal government) but symbols are beatuful and have very rich history.  Happy postcrossing!

The front of this card is mediocre at best, but I think it may win the award for best message ever.
My country is so proud of JPII, that they want me to put him here four times.  Now I don't have place for anything else.  Everything best from me.  You are great person, people loves you and you diserve all the unicorns and rainbows.  I want to give you pie, but it will be not fresh, so, well, I'm sorry, no pie.
Added bonus of picture of sender telling me that I'm awesome!


I like this one because BOOBS.  Generally I get these delivered to work, but have changed that now because BOOBS.  I have nothing against boobs, and even have two of my own, but you know, workplace!  LOL
Dear Tanya,
Summer greetings from Tempere, Finland!  This card shows you very typical and famouns finnish activity - SAUNA.  I love to be there; my soul and body relax and will be clean.  It's like re-born.  HAve you heard sauna earlier?
Enjoy postcrossing!
Sauna is unfortnately (or fortuantely?) not common in Australia!


p.s.  Not a postcrosser?  Why the frick not!?!


  1. Great postcards but I've got to admit I giggled a bit at the last one. "SAUNA" Love it ^_^

    1. OMG I was slightly mortified to be honest. honestly it's not inappropriate in its intent but who knows what the mailroom thinks of me!!

  2. These are awesome! I love the 'you are awesome' one but boobs is pretty durn fantastic too.