19 July 2013

hooray for hollywood

Love love love the way this turned out.  It knit up really quickly, and is just plain pretty.  And red.  Red is the perfect colour for a predominantly grey and black Melbournian wardrobe.  Just look at it ok?  And then tell me how awesome it is 

I never know how to pose.  The following is an example of trying to work out the modelling business.

Oh you were wondering about the title?  Well then.

Sign set up for the Hollywood Costumes exhibition currently showing at Fed Square.  Will prob be the only time I will ever see a Hollywood sign!

Thanks again to the awesome Clara for taking the pictures! 

Pattern: Streusel.  You know how there are patterns where you question whether it's worth buying it because you probably could work it out for yourself?  This isn't one of those patterns.  It's incredibly clever, well written and definitely worth the $5.50 price tag. The only mod I made was make it a bit longer by making about 15 repeats after increasing and before decreasing.  Anyway, this scarf pwns.  I kinda wish I had blocked the edge a bit more aggressively, but whatevs!
Yarn: An excellent excellent bargain from (you guessed it) the Bendigo Woollen Mills bargain room.  I think it's luxury but not really sure. Anyway, it's really nice and it was so cheap ($1.50/ball) because of uneven dying, which I really like and you can see in that close up picture. 
Ravelled here. 

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  1. I love your scarf, and I think the modeling is great!

  2. I love your photos. They are brilliant and that scarf is perfect with your outfit. It looks great, and I am definitely going to have a look at the pattern, it looks fun.

  3. Wow! That is beautiful and I love the colour! Great modelling skills too :) xoxo

  4. It's awesome! The modelling pose looks a little more "Price is Right" than "Vogue Knitting" but the photos are great!

  5. That colour is amazing! Love the elegant and simple pattern, great work!

  6. Love it! And red makes it even better. Love the last pic! I live halfway across the US from LA and will likely never see the sign either.

  7. AWESOME! The color is amazing!

  8. Love it, love it ....vibrant, gorgeous color. Great job:)

  9. So pretty! I love the colour, and the lacey edging looks great! ^_^ I think you're a great model too!!