25 July 2013


...my mum!

You think I was slack taking 6 months to finish that moose?  Well, just turn away now.

This frickin poncho for my mum took me over 2 years.  I had reasons.  Mostly, I found it super boring.  And then, I'd left it alone so long that when I did pick it up I found so many problems with it it, having levelled up so much in the meantime, I didn't like working on something so full of issues.  Anyway, finally just sucked it up and finished it.  Do you think my mum looks happy?

So usually I show you pictures of The Kitten interfering with my photography, but this time I had a different visitor.  This time, it's my niece!

Pattern:  Aran Toggle Wrap.  Meh.  Mum chose the pattern, I personally think it's a bit fugly and would probably prefer not to be seen with her when she wears this hulk of a garment in public.  To top it off she asked me to make her a matching hat!  *vomit*
Yarn:  Again, yarn acquired in the BWM bargain room.  This is called Shetland, and stupidly, it's not machine washable and is going to felt like a s.o.b.
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  1. I can't say honestly that ponchos are my jam, but your mum looks stoked about it! I'd wear the hat though, I do like the vibrant green! ^_^

  2. Ha! I love the happiness. It was worth the wait. Your niece looks super adorable loving on the poncho.

  3. That's love right there... soo much work went into it. But look at the happiness it brings. All worth it in the end.

  4. I don't much care for ponchos either, but your mum looks so happy. It obvious that tons of work and love went into this. Also that green is amazeballs.

  5. lol. You're funny... but she looks very happy. :-)

  6. I think she's loving it! It looks great on her too! That green is so pretty! Love it!