22 July 2013

to decrease or not to decrease

I've already mentioned in passing that I'm participating in another KAL.  Considering my opinion of the last one who knows what I was thinking.  I think Liesl made it sound too enticing.  There's a hefty amount of time given to knit and I had Miette in my queue anyway.  Those are my reasons.

I can't tell you the number of projects I cast on without the correct weight of yarn, but it's a lot.  I'm such a big fan of using whatever is handy and dealing with the consequences later.  This project is no exception.  I kinda tried to do a gaguge swatch and didn't really get what I was doing, so instead I'm just kntting the largest size hand hoping it's kind of wearable.  I feel able to do this because I got the yarn for nothing, and it is neither my colour nor is it nice to touch, so I don't mind.  Also, this is my first adult sized cardigan (!) so at the very least it should be a useful learning process.

Anyway, progress so far.  It looks like the top of a cardigan!  Neat-o! 
I can haz more light?
The pattern has these cute little bust darts, which has caused a bit of a dilemma.  My stitch count is already all over the place as I've thrown a couple more increase rows in to accomodate my chubby arms, plus I think I missed some increases somewhere because it just wasn't adding up.  So I've fudged the placement of the sleeves slightly so it's even.  I'm already re-drafting the pattern to make sure I get the lace correct, I really can't be assed to work out where to put the decreases in as well!  Plus, I generally wear my cardigans open or partially open, so the necessity to have it fitted falls away a bit.

tl;dr - I've fucked the pattern up and now am too lazy to work out where I should put the darts, so I'll probably leave them out.


p.s. if you're thinking about knitting this pattern check out this page at Today's Agenda for lots of notes about how to make this cardigan (gauge, how much yarn and more) which were compiled during a past KAL.  SO helpful!

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  1. It looks really nice! But what will you do with it if it's not going to be nice to wear? I'm looking forward to seeing the lace! I never seem to get patterns exactly right. A common phrase when crafting for me is "f*** it! I'll just make it up!" ~_^

  2. I fudge pretty much everything, and I think I'd do exactly the same with regards to the bust darts - fudge what you can and leave out anything too fiddly to fudge!

    And the word fudge has been used too many times in this post. Fudge ;)

  3. I knit a bit but swapped to crochet because I could bodge better with that!! Check out a blog I know called There she sews for a beautiful finished one of these. I have loved reading your blog. Jo x