20 July 2013

365: 121-140

I think I'm up to date with a my photo-a-day.  Woo!  So, here is another dose of my very exciting life, illustrated in square chunks badly filtered.  Enjoy.

121.  Treated myself to a new pop figure (picture in the vein of Lisa ;o)
122.  The foyer of my building.  Fancy.
123.  I am so grateful to have amazing friends that know me so well to buy me the most thoughtful gifts.  In this case, Rhonda.  An amazeballs box of yarn, but the best thing is the box says cool things like 'sup' which is like, how I greet people.  Yes, I am that lame.  I love you Rhonda.
124.  Amazing custom handmade card, made by another of my amazeballs friends.  (It was my 30th birthda on the 2nd)
125.  Eureka! Snapped in the car on the way through the city.  I can has photography skillz.
126.  This is Elouise!  Cute huh?  But not as cute as...
127.  The Kitten!  Aawww
128.  What's this?  I'm doing another KAL?  What the frick.  Will share when it's behaving a bit more photogenically.
129.  Just a lovely sky.  And my neighbour's aerial.
130.  My outdoor succulents are doing quite well.  Thanks for asking.
131.  Pretty sunset, not that you can really tell. *shrug*
132.  Still pretty addicted to the vlogbrothers.  French the Llama
133.  Mmmm roast turkey dinner.
134.  Another pretty sunset, inexpertly captured through the train window.
135.  OMG a new Earl Canteen near my work.  Pork Belly *drool*
136.  Flinders Street.  I stole this idea from other igers.  Sorry not sorry. 
137.  EB4L.
138.  Random fact:  A large part of my teenage life involved coming home from school and listening to Martin/Molloy while I did my homework.  Recently learned they made a comic, as Partner has it.  Cooooolllll.
149.  The Kitten.  Awwww
140.  Yeah this blue box had a white cloud on it.  I had to.



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