01 July 2013

365: 101-120

Still having some trouble keeping up with photo-a-day but I will persevere!  Even if I miss a day or two, I'm still digging looking back to see what I was doing on those other days.

101.  Yummy Pffefferfferfenusse
102.  I actually saw Arnie in the flesh.  In the fleeessshhhhhhh!
103.  My tureen collection has a new home.
104.  Churros for breakfast.  Sanchurro himself/itself also commentendeddon my photo!!
105.  Hanami.
106.  Moose complete sans eyes.
107.  The Kitten!
108.  Mmmm Chocolate.  It's for charity so it hardly counts.
109.  Niece no 2's artistic depiction of me.
110.  And niece no 1's version of me.
111.  Playing Skip-Bo with my sisters.
112.  Rooster spotted at at CERES. (My sister even knew what breed it was)
113.  Current obsession: vlogbrothers
114.  The view from work.  At night.
115.  The coke machine at work. 
116.  Still at work (The clock says 3.49AM btw) Can you sense a theme?
117.  Lemony Snicket's new book.  Taking me far too long to read but good so far.
118.  Cute little quote from aforementioned book.
This was nonsense, of course, but there's nothing wrong with occasionally staring out the window and thinking nonsense, as long the nonsense is yours.
119.  Iron man and his bitches.  Best toy display ever.
120.  This is what a $6 coke looks like.


p.s. I did not mean to take 2 separate pictures of coke.  The last 20 days have obviously required caffeine.


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