21 June 2013

trinity stitch hat

No 'clever' post title today.  I couldn't think of anything.

Another hat!  I made this for Laura's birthday, then promptly requested she give it back so I could take photos.  Thanks Laura! xox

Rather than choosing interesting locations for my photoshoots I've instead been trying to find interesting backdrops.  What do you think?  It is all about the knitting after all. 

Thanks again to Clara for the photos! xox  (You may have noticed I've been wearing the same dress for a few weeks... we took snaps of 3 FOs in one day, how Clara puts up with me I'm sure I don't know).

Pattern:  Trinity Stitch Hat.  Lots of purling.  Owwwww.  In fact, lots of purling 3 together!  Double Ow.  I hate purling.  But in the 12ply it worked up quickly.  I didn't like how long it was taking to decrease at the crown so I sped up the decreases but did not take notes.  I really like the shape of this hat and hope Laura gets lots of wear out of it!
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 12ply in Magnolia.
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  1. Well you can't be witty all the time! I'm not usually a fan of bobbles, but I like them with this hat. Such a great gift!

  2. Oooo, so pretty! I love the bobbliness ^_^ Thinking up witty post titles is hard! I give up most of the time.

  3. This looks like it worked up great! I like the "bobbliness" too. It is always good to work up timesavers in a pattern. I think it give the FO your own flair.

  4. Great hat! I suppose the slower decrease rate would have made it more slouchy?

  5. Lovely slouchy hat and so practical in a neutral colour - should go with everything. Lucky Laura!

  6. It is super cute! I can see how P3tog can hurt! Especially that much.

  7. Cute hat! I have been meaning to reply to the comment you left on my blog but I've been sick and haven't had a chance :( I get the Aunt Lydia's thread from rainbowsilks.co.uk. They are pretty good with selection and ship really fast :) xoxo

  8. Cute hat. And I like your interesting backdrop approach.

  9. Another fun hat !!! You are always making them...I make some but always to give away... I love how they make yr had so warm, but I just don't look good at all in hats! I do love to make them. You on the other hand have a face for hats, they always look good on you