28 February 2013

running for fun

Fun Runs.  It's an oxymoron right?  Well, for me, 2013 is the Year of the Fun Run.  That's right.  At the moment I have 14 scheduled for the year.  I have completed 2 so far.

The first ones for 2013 were part of a series of 3 runs:  the Brooks Sunset Series.   I've got one more in the series next Wednesday, but I wanted to talk about it now!

Race #1:  The Tan, 6 Feb, 8kms

Result: 1:09:47.3
Overall place: 647.  LOL I beat Rhonda
Freebies obtained:  Brooks Sunset Series shirt (ok, probably included in the entry fee), Sweatband pocket thing (you know, for your keys), Emma & Toms juice.

The temperature was 35C.  The race was scheduled for 7.15pm but was delayed in hopes that it would cool down.  It didn't cool down very much.  Still, I felt confident and ready to run.  At this point I had run 8k once before, the previous week. 

This run taught me how the conditions can impact on your performance.  I had a terrible run.  The first lap was ok, hot but ok.  But then I just started to feel gross.  Sick and hot and tired and sore.  I did not want to run anymore.  I'd had enough. 

Thank god for Rhonda.  She kept me going.  In the interests of full disclosure, I will tell you I just could not run the whole of the second lap.  There was a lot of walking going on.  And lots of complaining.  And lots of threats of giving up.  But there was Rhonda, not letting me stop and encouraging me the whole way.  I am really really glad I finished, but disappointed that I'd made such a fuss.  Check me out, how utterly defeated I looked, whereas Rhonda is looking perky and as fresh as a daisy running beside me!!

Race #2:  The Melbourne Zoo, 20 Feb, 7.2kms

Result:  1:01:13.7
Overall place: 1386 (There were a LOT more people running.  It was at the freaking zoo, the coolness factor was elevated.)
Freebies obtained:  Hydralite water bottle, muesli bar, Emma & Toms juice.

I had a slight reprieve with race #2, apparently there were some construction works going on with the meercats, so the course was shortened from 8km to 7.2km.  The weather was also behaving much better, a lovely 26C.   The downside was that Rhonnie was sick, so I had to go it alone.

I felt great this time.  I had my 90s music playing, and didn't feel the need to stop at all.  On the first lap, I was feeling a bit cynical about the zoo location.  On the first half I didn't see one damn animal.  Sorry, I saw a giant tortoise, but that wasn't very exciting.  But then I ran past the zebras, giraffes and moneys doing their crazy thing, and felt much better about it.  I also saw a hippo coming out of the water and a gorilla.  Got my money's worth I'd say.

This time I made sure to smile like a loon and wave at every camera I saw. 

Looking forward to race #3 and smashing that 8km distance once and for all!  Wish me luck!



  1. The zoo has got to be the most awesome place to run ever! Although I'm not a super runner like you, I would be passed out somewhere. I'm so glad to hear that race #2 was so much better! I think you are going to rule #3.

    1. It was pretty cool in the end :D

      thanks for your comment :D

  2. Yay! You look great and like you're having lots of fun (especially in the zoo photos!) ^_^

  3. Wow...u are doing great! Good luck on your next one :)

  4. I think you're awesome for doing and completing these runs!!!! And you look kinda perky to me too!!!