19 February 2013


I love Postcrossing.  It's just so much fun.  I'm going to start featuring a few of my favourite received postcards here.  You can check out more of them here.

Today, I received BE-191567, my first postcard from Belgium.

The message on the back reads:
Hi Tanya
This little peeing man is a symbol of our country and voted as being one of the biggest tourist traps in Belgium as it's rather small...
The more times I read it the funnier it gets. 

This postcard depicts Manneken Pis, literally Little Man Pee, a fountain in Brussels.  The Wiki page is worth a read; apparently the little man is dressed in costume several times a week, according to a schedule.  There are also a few legends as to why the fountain was built.  Cute! 

Google image Mannekin Pis (or just click here) and you're in for a treat!  Here's one of my faves!

I vant to... pee
That's right, I'm learning youse about places and stuffs.


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