07 February 2013

curly dimpled lunatics

I have no idea if any of these items will be used/will fit/are appropriate for babies.  A particular baby anyway.   I haven't blogged about this green set very much [insert shock and horror here].  Mostly because it was a gift and I'm not sure if the recipient reads my blog.   Recipient has said gift now, and all is well.

I did have a bit of a rant a while back about the fact that I was using cotton, and that it just doesn't like to be crocheted.  I had a super hard time settling on a pattern, and in the end, I didn't even use one of the possible ones I listed here.  I thought cotton would be ideal because the set was for a summer baby, and mum is allergic to wool.  In hindsight the bloody stuff is machine washable only - ya dingus!  Sorry mum!!

Anyway, the pattern I settled on was called Pretty in Pink, a set consisting of a blanket, booties, panties, a bonnet and a SACQUE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA I had never heard of the term 'sacque' before, so that was great.  Just great.  Oh, I made all the pieces except for the panties.  Mostly followed the pattern, but made the bonnet bigger and changed the sleeves on the sacque.  Also, look at the pattern book, naff or what? 

I've put the deets as to measurements etc on the Ravelry project page if you are interested.

And here are some pictures!  You think I could get photograph the yarn true to colour?  If you guessed nope, you'd be right.  The colour of the yarn is "Honeydew".  I've since learned how to adjust the white balance on my camera, and with a bit of editing, this is kinda close to what the colour should be (but still not really *sigh*:

I chose green because originally mum refused to disclose the gender of the baby.  Even though she knew!  So unfair!  Later she had a change of heard and let it slip she was having a GIRL!  Bahhhh  *random eye twitching due to not being able to use pink in the first place*

Anyway, I've tried to edit some of these photos to get them true to colour, with various degrees of success.

Oh hey, the booties came out teeny tiny. 

It's not actually fluro green. 

Pattern:  The set is called Pretty in Pink, excluding the beanie which is my own improvised pattern.
Ravelled: here and here.
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 4ply in Honeydew
Hook:  3.5mm for the clothing and 4mm for the blanket (I think)

(BTW baby girl was born on 8 January, mum and bub both doing well.  In the meantime I have presented mum my wares, and am happy to report she was most pleased.  After all, it's all about the crochet, right?  Right?) 

{{title today is courtesy of random google searching 'funny quotes about babies' and landing here.  It is apparently a  Ralph Waldo Emerson quote}}

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  1. It is always so difficult to gauge if things will fit babies, they grow so darn fast too! But this is such a gorgeous set! I love the blanket especially, such detail!

  2. This is beautiful. I love making baby things!

  3. Love your set!!! So much work - hope the Mom was in love! I think my baby would need to wear it ever day :) I too have had a hard time crocheting cotton. It seems to have a lot of grip to it which makes my wrist hurt since I have to pull harder on the hook. Great job!

  4. Wow - your work is beautiful! I know what you mean about working with cotton though! >_<

  5. I like the first green (the ball) best. But the pieces are very nice. Have a great weekend. Regula

    1. All pieces are the same colour, I just couldn't photograph it very well :(

  6. Green is always hard to get it right on a picture, buy your are lovely.

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminados-44/