23 February 2013

oddly specific

Here at Tanya Today we combine postcards and Caturday.  We know what the people want.

So, another awesome thing about Postcrossing is that you write yourself a profile specifying your interests, passions and the type of postcards you would prefer to receive.  Now, it's a rule that there you cannot specify what postcards you want to receive.  You can state your preferences, but at the end of the day, the sender can send you whatever the hell they want.  However, because people are generally awesome, 9 times out 10, you will receive a card that matches your preferences.  Aren't people the greatest!

Now, here's my advice:  Be careful what you wish for.

I get my postcards sent to work.  I have a giant pinboard behind my computer monitor, and I just go gangbusters with the pinning.  It's Pinterest in real life y'all.  So I pin my lovely postcards to said pin board, making me look like some extremely popular, seasoned traveller who receives a plethora of cards from all of my exotic friends abroad, when in reality they are all cards from strangers which I have bribed into sending me cards, by sending cards to others (Yeah, that's how it works). 

Anyways, I thought it might be a good idea to say, 'I like cats' in my profile.  Well, it's no lie, I really do like cats.  As soon as I did that...









At this point I changed my profile and removed reference to felines.  Now, there's nothing wrong with these cards.  I actually really like them!  But these are going up on my wall at work people.  At the place of my employment.  Everyone can see them.  Do I want to be the crazy cat lady at work?  Sorry, but no.  It may not seem excessive to you, but there were just so many cat cards!

Plus, I really wanted more cards that showed me, you know, the world, of which I have seen so very little.  So, I no longer say that I like cats on my profile, and now receive a much more diverse range of cards.

But it still happens sometimes.  Those cat cards. 

But you know what? There are Postcrossers out there who want nothing but cat cards!!!  I'm determined that, should one of these souls pop up when I request an address, I send them a card with what cat on it other than The Kitten.  What do you think?

That mug really needs to travel the world!


  1. Great idea! Your kitten looks like she's modeling in that photo ^_^

  2. I was waiting to see a photo of your kitty! She is way cuter than any of those other kitties!