11 October 2012

yarn p0rn

Hazel from Hazel's Crochet recently had a giveaway for her blogiversary!  And wouldn't you know it, I won!  And what did I win?? 
Stop drooling! 
Congrats to Hazel on a year of blogging and thank you so so much for your generosity!  Look at the colour!  Absolutely stunning!  This is the most luxurious yarn I've ever had the pleasure of fondling.  For now I will be doing just that (fondling) as I just don't have any capacity for a new project right now.  This yarn is definitely calling out to be seen and felt against the skin, so I'm thinking a cowl or shawlette.  Here are all the patterns in my favourites that might suit this type and amount of yarn.  I really like Brandywine, Magrathea and Travelling Woman, but I'll need to level up my knitting skills before attempting.  I also thing something like Euro cowl would really allow the yarn to speak for itself.  Do you have any suggestions?

I love love love thinking about pattern possibilities!   It's just that... so many patterns, so little time!  AmIright or AmIright? 

That reminds me that my 2nd blogiversary is coming up in January.  I might just have to pass my good fortune forward.  What should I do?  Yarn giveaways are pretty delicious, so I might just have to copy Hazel :)


  1. Aww congrats you lucky!
    I think I might have missed mine now that I think of it!!!
    I loved that wonka meme hehe.

    1. Whew jk. Mine is 11/5. I'm planning a giveaway, too ;-) so glad your post reminded me!

  2. Congrats! How fun is that? I'm not sure what it should be, all the patterns you are thinking about should be great paired with this yarn. If you are worried about not knowing everything needed for knitting it, perhaps try practicing them first? But yarn can be frogged many times too.