03 October 2012

wip: hulk

I think I need to rename this piece 'the Hulk'.  It's big and green, and it makes me a bit angry.  I started this over a year ago, when my crochet skills were not as superior as they are now.  I'm regretting many of the choices I've made with it.  Mainly the choice of yarn and hook.  The yarn is going to felt, and the tension is so so loose.  But there is no way I'm starting again.  At least the end is in sight now, with only the edging to go.  I just need to wait for the toggle buttons I've ordered to arrive to make sure they'll work with my buttonholes.

It's going to feel good to finally give this one to my mum.  Although she has requested a matching beanie and mittens!  GRRRRR.... TANYA SMASH!

(Enter the gratuitous pictures of The Kitten to soothe the savage beast)

Ahh that's better.

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  1. Ha!!! That's too funny! Good for you.....keep pressing on!!

  2. Glad you're close to finish, I think felted it will look great. Is the front alot shorter then the back, or is it the angle of the picture? Love the details with the texture.

  3. Beautiful green! Looking forward to seeing the finished garment!

  4. At least the hat and mittens (if you're persuaded to make them) will stitch up quickly, comparatively!

  5. it's really pretty, wraps are so cuddly and useful, i'm sure your mum will love it!