17 October 2012


Blerg!  I'm currently working on many different things to try to relieve some of the WIP guilt I've been feeling. Now is a good a time as any to air out the grievances right?

The things I'm currently trying to get through are:

1.  Sailor's Delight.  Who remembers this one?  I was going gangbusters on this for a while, but got distracted.  It doesn't help that it takes a good 45 minutes to get through one row.  Yep, 45 minutes.  Also, I need to dye more yarn to get it bigger (see white stuff below).  I bought some called 'Americolour' I think.  Anyone used this dye before?

2.  Aran Toggle Wrap.  I was feeling quite positive about this a couple of weeks back (Positive in the sense that I was nearing completion) but haven't touched it since!  I've since received the toggle buttons in the mail (which were a friggin bargain on ebay by the way), so my excuses for shelving this one are running out.  Well, it's nearly Summer and this is not going to be used until next Winter... as good an excuse as any right?

3.  Summer Garden Granny Square Afghan thing.  This is a legacy from when I just started to learn to crochet.  I was smitten with Lucy and wanted to emulate her.  My crochet skills, and taste have since moved on, so this piece is not as alluring to me as it once was.  Plus I made a bunch of squares with way too small a hook and my tension was UBER tight.  Trying to compensate a bit now by distributing those squares throughout the blanket, but this has definitely lost a lot of it's appeal for me.  I've made heaps of progress since I shared this last (like, a billion years ago). 
This is about half the grannies I want to make.
4.  Honey Cowl.  This is nearing completion, and should be done by next week.  Fingers crossed.  This is my commute project, but I've found that I haven't had the energy lately, or rather, I prefer to just stare blankly out the window during my train ride and zone out. 
Can you see my mistake??

5.  Baby things.  A new project!!  Baby is due in January, and I don't want to be rushing the pressie this time.  Added complexities include that I have a long list of requirements for the pattern:  (a) I don't want to do the ripple because I'm sick of it; (b) mum's allergic to wool so must be cotton; (c) need a 4ply pattern; (d) must be something that can be unisex as mum won't tell me if it's a boy or girl; (e) need a pattern that won't be too stiff in the cotton; (f) I want a stitch pattern that's reversible because everything will use the same pattern and I want the blanket to be reversible because I just do ok? Any suggestions?  I'm considering Sue's no holes hexagon baby sweater, or the similar Hexagon baby jacket with ruffles (probably without ruffles) or Aunt Jens sweater or Old fashioned baby sweater set or Twin stitch baby sweater hat and booties or Lacy set to crochet cardigan or baby set cja-babyset.  So because I haven't made up my mind and dont have an appropriate wip pic to show you, you get a picture of the yarn I'll be using.  Green = unisex right?
Actually, it's Honeydew.  Get it right.

Ok... I didn't realise there were so many.  I reiterate, blerg.  And this are only the WIPs that I'm actively trying to progress.  There are others.

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  1. Ha ha! There are others ;) !! There are always others!! I haven't made anything with cotton yet... but was planning on some knitted wash cloths for christmas gifts. I'm waiting for Bendigo to release their new cotton colours!

  2. Oh I forgot to say I like the Sue's Hexagon Sweater.... very unisex!!

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, thanks :)
    Good Luck with the WIPs.

  4. Pretty green. Cute blanket squares.
    Enjoy the progress.