04 October 2012

September Movies

I originally started these posts inspired by Kim Sonksen's similar posts.  As most of you know, Kim passed away from cancer on Tuesday 11th September.  I personally didn't know Kim outside of having a small connection through the blog-o-sphere.  Nevertheless, it's extremely sad and I send my thoughts out to her family. 

I guess now every time I write my movie posts, and I will, I'll think about where I got the inspiration from, and that will be my way to remember her.

Return to Oz
This is actually my favorite movie of all time. Sorry, I meant this is my FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!  There comes a time every few months when I think' oh, haven't watched Return to Oz for a while, I better fix that!'  I think this movie is perfect and I love everything about it, from the talking chicken, the lunch pail tree, the wheelers, the nomes, the fact that people from Oz turn into green ornaments, the gump, and TIK TOK!  He's my favourite.  And can you believe Dorothy was played by a young Fairuza Balk?  Trippy. 
Expendables 2
I came out of the movies with really really sore cheeks - from laughing so hard.  This movie was so so action packed.  Chuck Norris was particularly awesome, even though he couldn't act himself out of a paper bag.  Excellent excellent popcorn movie, and much more fun to watch than the first instalment.
Time Cop
Van Damme!!! I love JCVD. His hair in this movie was totally rockin'! And it was a really good story too.  I love time travel stuff.

Resident Evil:  Retribution
Another great instalment of Resident Evil.  Dudes, there were soviet army zombies riding motorcycles with guns. Also a lot of clones and the title sequence at the start was this frickin awesome backwards thing.  I don't think I need to say anything else.

Love Actually
Just to prove that I don't only watch horror and action movies, this movie!  It's just a nice movie.  The bit I teared up at?  When the rock star character played by Bill Nighy tells his manager he loves him.  Does that make me weird?  And I forgot Martin Freeman is in this!  Always good to get a reminder about Martin Freeman, because, you know, he's made of cats.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Ever wondered how the Planet of the Apes happened?  Watch this movie to find out!  Actually quite a good little movie, with lots of nods given to the original, which as a fan I really loved spotting.  Plus, James Franco.

Rock of Ages
I watched the extended cut at home and it was actually pretty boring.  Too long.  Tom Cruise is good though.  I really only like Tom Cruise's acting when he's taking the piss out of himself a bit.  Also I love Alec Baldwin forever.
Yeah, I have no f**king idea either.
And my top movie pick for September?  Very difficult (and I have to exclude Return to Oz, because it's my favourite and that is always my top pick).. is Resident Evil:  RetributionIt was a super fun zombie romp that I totally enjoyed.


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