01 October 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Koury's Coffee Lounge

Keeping with our mission of sampling eggs benny offered at every Melbourne eatery, be it fancy or cheap and nasty, last week we saw ourselves at one of those cheap and nasty cafes.  You might be surprised by the outcome...

Location: Koury's Coffee Lounge
40 Market St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9620 0360

Koury's Coffee Lounge, or KCL had a very take away-ish feel, but the service was friendly.   Cheap and nasty is one way to describe this cafe, look at those filthy plates!

Base: English muffins!!  Our favourite.
Eggs:  Perhaps a touch undercooked.
Sauce:  Quite tasty, though for the price I doubt that it is homemade.  Even so, it was creamy and flavoursome, a bit lemony.
Ham:  Grilled!  Huzzah!  Very tasty.
Price:  $8.50 - seriously!!
Coffee:  Oh terrible.  So so terrible.  I am definitely not a coffee snob, I'll drink anything, even McDonald's coffee, but this was undrinkable. 
Service:  Very friendly, albeit a bit slow.

Individual ratings:
Tanya:  7/10
Wow, the coffee was extroadinarily bad.  However, these reviews are about the benny!  KCL's version was what I consider very standard fare, and for the price actually really good!  I haven't scored it higher simply because it didn't have that special something that I just can't describe, not sure, maybe atmosphere?  Comfort?  Meh.
Lil sis:  8.5/10
I was very satisfied with today’s eggs benny. First off they had the English muffin base, secondly the eggs were nice and runny, but best of all they were the cheapest we’ve had on our hunt so far! Oh and the sauce was very delicious, nice and tasty. The downfall of our breakfast was the cheap and nasty coffee, I even went all out and got the ‘large’ size because it was so cheap. 

And how does that look on the benedict-o-meter?  Rounded up to 8!

Make sure you check out my map to see the other eggs benny locations lil sis and I have checked out.

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Just to reiterate, the coffee was terrible!!


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