31 October 2012

Pfft Halloween

As an Aussie, I am entirely justified in saying pfft Halloween.

As a child, Halloween was only that thing we saw when watching American TV shows, and was always dismissed as being American.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the States were just, not us, you know?

Fast forward twenty years and stores are pushing Halloween paraphernalia out the wazoo.  What the hell dudes?  Kids are starting to trick-or-treat.  This offends me. 

To be honest, I don't even know what Halloween is.  It's apparently to celebrate the end of Summer?  Well, hello Australia, we're in Spring now.  SPRING DAMMIT!.  So, what relevance does Halloween have to us?  I just see it as a way for greedy kids to try to con free lollies out of me.  I have news for you greedy kids:  it ain't gonna happen.  If you knock on my door tonight, you'll be getting a blank stare.  I refuse to play along.  Actually, I really don't care what you do greedy kids, but I'm still not giving you free lollies. 

Anyway, all this pfft Halloween gobbledegook was really a segway for me to show off some stuff I own.  If I know one thing about Halloween, it's that Halloween = pumpkins!  Right?  Right?  I mean, if there's one thing my blog reading list is telling me is that pumpkins are so hot right now.  If I see another pumpkin crochet pattern... I'll probably do nothing, but seriously, how many do you need? 

You probably don't remember, but I am collecting vegetable shaped soup tureens.  My first acquisitions were a sweet cauliflower and aubergine design.

Progress in building my collection has been slow, but recently I got this totally gorgeous piece!  IT'S A PUMPKIN and therefore topically relevant at the moment! 

Isn't it beautiful??  I've also acquired smaller receptacles, which I am calling 'mini tureens' which I'm sure is incorrect.  Look at the watermelon, isn't it rad??  I need to have me a partay so I can make guacamole and serve it in the avo. 

 And the whole tureen family so far!  I am totally in love with them, can you tell?

Happy Halloween, I suppose.


  1. I love your tureens, and I agree with you about Halloween, even though I'm an American. Over here it's just gotten way out of hand. It starts at least a month ahead of time with decorations up everywhere (decorations??). It's even being called a "holiday." It's not a holiday. It's a one-day event for kids, but you'd never think that if you saw any average neighborhood over here in October. My husband likes it, so we'll end up giving out the candy, but if it was up to me I'd go out for the whole night.

    1. Yes, that's what I think of America - everything is HUGE and out of control :D

      I suppose it would be hard for you to resist - do you get kids throwing eggs if you don't participate?

  2. Replies
    1. yes, it's a cutie. the avo and chilli are the only ones that arent thrifted, just found in one of those chain kitchen stores.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Your collection is amazing!!

    I agree that Halloween is very American, but, like bunting, I simply can't resist. Today I'm wearing a skull printed skirt, a brain shaped necklace, a ghost brooch, and a bat headband and when I get home I'm going to watch zombie movies and eat loads of lollies. Best. Day. Ever.

    I do, however, draw the line at things that are specifically seasonal, so you won't see any pumpkins around my house. (Just like at Christmas you won't see any snowflakes)

    1. Yeah I knew you were into all that spooky stuff, so I'll let it slide :D

      I'm not a fan of bunting either! I don't see the point. But I spose a lot of peeps might say that about tureens :D

  4. I'm with you -- I don't do Halloween either. It doesn't have the lofty goal of celebrating the end of summer; I'll let Wikipedia tell you what it celebrates. But despite us both saying "poppycock" to Halloween, I love your collection. I think the cauliflower is my absolute favourite!!!

    1. haha I went to Wikipedia but then i was all "uggh tl;dr", I will just continue on my assumptions!

      The cauliflower started my collection, I saw it for afar and knew immediately it would be mine :D

  5. Hahahahaha! So are you pretty much loving all the pumpkin roll recipes and pumpkin sugar candy loaf bread cookies that's all over the blogiverse? I don't know what that last one is, but it sounds good. I haven't seen any pumpkin knitting, but maybe I'm just averting my eyes.

    I like your avocado tureen the best because I would also totally throw a guaco party.