04 July 2012

WIP: roadblock

How annoying when you cant keep working on something because you need to do something else before you can move on.  Work on my Sailor Purples Shawl has been stalled right now because my purple yarn is not working for me.  I pulled this yarn out of a 200g bag of remnants I picked up from BWM containing mostly white, and some purple lace weight yarn.  Unfortunately it's a wee bit too thin for my liking.  I'm going to have to work with the yarn doubled, and I just haven't had time to rewind it.  Plus I wanted to dye the white remnants into other shades of purple, and arrange the order of all the purples into the most appealling pattern.  So, this shawl is on temporary hiatus.

Yarn, Y U So skinny?
I needed a new train project, and because I have three niecicles, but have thus far only made two hats, niecicle numero three needed a hat.  So, I cast on a Lindsay Hat.  True, I could have chosen something a bit more complicated (because of my awesome knitting skillz), but I really like my train projects to be easy peasy Japanesey.  I like the way this hat has a rolled turny-uppy bit (brim?? :P) so it doesnt matter if it's a bit long. 
Also diggin' the poolin'
Oh, and I started one more thing.  What could it be?

I've been rewatching Sherlock (which is, like, one of the bestest shows ever), and in the special features on the blu-ray Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (I am such a crappy fangirl, I didn't even know Gatiss was Mycroft.  doi) talk about adapting the books into the show.  I was inspired to check em out.  I managed to find an audiobook of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.  I realised I should have started with one of the first novels (omg there's one called A Study in Scarlet) or something, but this book is still good because it contains an assortment of cases in bite sized pieces (around 40 mins each) so you get a bit of flavour for what Sherlock is all about.  I'm quite enjoying it!  It's fun listening for all the bits Moffat/Gatiss picked out and put into the show. 
MF could not get any cuter. (via)

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