11 July 2012

WIP: are you sitting down?

Well, are you?  Because this is going to blow your socks off!

Alright, enough of being a giant nerd, but what I'm trying to get at here is how happy I am with my Sailor Purples Shawl.  After a mini roadblock last week, I managed to get around to dyeing some yarn and have started adding stripes.  Now, the original intent was to have a bunch of different purples, but what I got from dyeing was some purple, but also pink and burgundy.  Still, I think it's looking pretty rad (I mean look at how that that yarn in the second stripe is working up!), but it will probably need a new name.  It's measuring 48 cm now. 

Only nominal progress on Finn (as a few of you guessed correctly last week) so no photos, but I am pleased to report that I have FINISHED all the motifs for Blissful Flowers, but only have the following dirty picture for you.  Now I just need to add fringe and block!  Do I add the fringe before blocking?  I think I will because the yarn is a bit kinky.
Check out that edging bro.  Masterful.
Still listening to The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, and nearly finished re-watching Sherlock season 2.  I'm really enjoying both.  The book is quite amusing, Sherlock is all 'don't worry Watson, you can't help being stupid' while at the same time always reiterating how much he values his friendship a la 'that's my Watson'. 
I know how much y'all like gifs.  This took me ages to find (via)
Tangentially, check this tumblr for pwning Sherlock fanart!!!!

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ETA:   Also a WIP is the look of the ol' bloggie.  I've mad a few small changes, you like?


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