21 July 2012

Caturday XVIII

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today, curious kitty is curious.  The Kitten is always interested in what we're doing.  I managed to snap a few piccies of her checking out the lap top. 

And the following caption was suggested by a friend :)

Today, other people's cats.  This is Anastasia and Skelli, my sister's housemate's kitties.  Skelli is the white one.  He is deaf.  The poor thing is so frightened of me when I visit, he doesn't know me yet.  He likes to hide/sleep in the middle of his guardian's bed under the covers.  Anastasia then likes to sleep on the top of the covers, on the lump made by him.  <3
Inbred Anastasia and Skelli!  Have not yet subjected The Kitten to this...
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