13 July 2012

Fo: Fruit Tingles, Jellybeans...

...are two of the things suggested to describe the colour of this yarn.  Perfect colour for a little girl, no? 

I made this for niecicle number 3, aged 2 and a bit.  I hope it fits.  Here it is on two different models.  
I tried to make the same face as Precious.  The camera just loves her.
The top model (on so many levels) is Precious Hugs, one of the few toys I have retained from my childhood.  She's a bit worse for wear - dirty, original clothes gone - but I can't part with her.  Anyone else have a Hugga Bunch?  Anyone else remember the movie?  *sigh nostalgia*

Model no 2 is yours truly, as you can see the hat also streches to fit my big fat head.  According to my favourite size chart, this hat should fit (as children 12mth - 3 yrs apparently have an 46-48cm head) as it measures about 22cm in width.  I made the child size pattern.
Pattern:  Lindsay Hat (Chunky)
Needles: 6.00mm circular, magic circle baby!
Yarn: 70g of Panda Amber in Rainbow
Size:  8.5" wide, 8" long, plus it rolls up in the most fetching way.
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