19 January 2014

Year of the jumper!

I refuse to call jumpers sweaters.  Really!

My 2014 craft year is looking chock-a-block full of gifts for others.  Here are a few of the yarny things I'm thinking about.  Not including WIPs which are a top priority.

Adam's mother has requested this fetching cardigan.  Oh my.

Hopefully some chunky yarn will have the ordeal over with relatively quickly.

And I have promised each of my sisters one of these, in adult sizes of course!

I will be Donatello, because I'm the smart one.
Jackie will be Michaelangelo, because she's the funny one.
Candy will be Leonardo, because she's the eldest, and has more of a leadership capacity.
Kat will be Raphael, because she's the angry one.  LOL sorry Kat, but I think he will suit you ;)

My younger sisters and I all had TMNT jumpers hand knit for us when we were young.  I'm so excited to re-live my childhood!  I'll dig out the photos of us wearing our adorable jumpers for you at some point.

I also want to make myself another Miette, this time more of a cropped length with no lace, as well as a February Lady in this red-brown colour.

So that's some of the plan for the moment.  I also want to make all kinds of scarves, shawls and hats, because small things are the best.  I have no idea if I will be able to accomplish 7 jumpers, but here's hoping!



  1. Wow, what an impressive list! I've never crocheted a piece of clothing, mostly because I'm sure with all the issues I have tensioning that it would end up waaaayyyy too small! ~___^ I love the Miette though, I can't wait to see your altered version of that! Also, I'd love to see a "then and now" style photo recreation with the old and the new TMNT jumpers! ^____^

  2. How beautiful and vibrant this orange is ... Enjoy it.

  3. Oh my goodness, that cat jumper made me laugh out loud! Making that sweater is truly an act of love. Where is this amazing pattern from?

  4. Haha love the reasoning for tmnt jumpers :)