27 January 2014

365: 301-320

I'm up to date on the picture-taking but not on the posting.  Only 1 month to go now!

301.  Always nice to get an ebay delivery intact!
302.  Only one pic of The Kitten in this lot!
303.  Another cool Melbournian building, The City of Melbourne Building
304.  New toy.
305.  I have a basil plant.  I feel fancy.
306.  Gravy chips?!?
307.  Cute little signs in Waratah Lane I think.
308.  Going up.
309.  Cliche picture of Melbourne bikes.
310.  I went runnning!
311.  Super creepy wrestling mask stapled to the wall.  Art.
312.  Couldn't resist taking a picture of my breakfast at My Other Brother.
313.  Black and white.
314.  True Love <3
315.  Leaving work at 7.30, still 40c
316.  What can I say, I like taking pictures of public transport?
317.  Sunrise on the last day of the heatwave.
318.  Octobunny sticker spotted on the stairs to the Rooftop Bar.
319.  A cheat photo, a pic of some pretty flower from the phone.
320.  Last day taking the bus due to RRL works.  It was an experience.



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