08 January 2014

365: 261 - 280

The daily grind, still trying to remember to take a photo every day.  About 10 days behind in photos, and quite a ways behind in posting my summary.

261.  Sick old maritime parphernalia at my place of business.
262.  Hello kitty macarons.
263.  Happy 50th Doctor Who!
264.  Eggs Benny.
265.  Giant coffee.
266.  Fox postcards.
267.  Cool shark fabric remnant.
268.  The Kitten.
269.  Avos.  My fave.
270.  Don't know if you can tell, those are LSP leggings.
271.  Knitting.
272.  Jewell station.
273.  Flow magazine is just full of lovely sentiment.
274.  Pretty roses.
275.  Sky.
276.  A new project.  Calming garter stitch.
277.  The Kitten chillaxing.
278.  Cute Christmas deccos around Melbourne.
279.  Christmas is teenagers playing carols on their trumpets for the Salvos.
280.  Anyone else get exited when the milk expires on Christmas?


1 comment:

  1. I'm so impressed that you've been keeping with photo-a-day! I constantly forget to take photos >___< And I'm still not over how cute those kitty macarons are! ^___^