20 January 2014

365: 381-300

Late posting, but so close to the end now!

281.  Love the new Pratchett book!
282.  Christmas paraphernalia at Melbourne Central
283.  Bought my bro Crystal Head Vodka to congratulate him on graduating.
284.  The view from the office.
285.  Appetising Santa Cakes?
286.  Lovely Samantha Wills stationery my mother gifted me.
287.  Merry Christmas from Flinders Street!
288.  Gingerbread frappucinos = Christmas
289.  Cracker jokes are the best jokes
291.  Saw a T-Rex on the way home from Christmas lunch, no joke!
292.  The Kitten chillaxing.
293.  My first ever Boxing Dale Sale - waiting for Clegs to open!
294.  The haul from Clegs. Whoops!
295.  Wearing my Christmas Dress
296.  I dunno about you, but I approve of community endorsed graffiti
297.  Venus out of hibernation.
298.  Purple sky for some reason?   Pretty nonetheless.
299.  January 2 and hot cross buns at Coles!
300.  John Darling & Son at Albion



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