23 January 2014

Flow magazine

The lovely people at Flow Magazine contacted me last year after seeing some of my postcards on instagram.

I answered a few little questions on email and a few months later, voilĂ ! I get a copy of this beautiful amazing inspiring magazine in the mail, with some of my photos and a write up about what I think of Postcrossing.  In Dutch!  A short time later they generously sent me the English version as well.  Both are gorgeous, and I would highly recommend the mag.  Such a pity it's not readily available here!!

Are you a postcrosser?  I've just prepared a new batch to pop in the post :D



  1. Well I wasn't but now I am, I've been thinking of signing up since you first mentioned it and you just prompted me to do it. I just need to find some good postcards to send. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. oh yay! I'm sure you will love it! It actually get very addictive :D

  2. That's so cool, Tanya! Flow is such a pretty magazine, I wish I could find it here more often! ^___^

  3. Nice! Now I gotta ask you for your autograph now that you're a superstar! LOLOL!