31 August 2011

WIP: Beading

I've started a new project using the awesome yarn I won recently on a Punto Reves giveaway. 

I'm making another dahlia shawl.  (Remember the wedding shawl).  

This time, to mix things up, I'm adding beads!!

I ended up choosing purple, rather than the above colours.
Testy testing beady beads.
I'm using this method of beading - with dental floss!  Check it out, I especially like the use of the word 'scrooches'.

It's going to take a million years!

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  1. It's going to be so pretty when it's done. Maybe one day I will work up enough courage to knit with beads.

  2. I've never tried knitting with beads, but it looks so pretty... Add that to my list of skills to acquire soon!

  3. When are you sliding them on to the stitches? I can put them on with knitting, but I have no idea how to go about adding them to crochet when everything's all closed off.

  4. Ahhhhhh, So exited!!!!!!! This will be amazing!

  5. Possibly a million and a half! ... scrooching down behind my monitor to dodge whatever knitted object is being thrown at me.

  6. I love that method for putting on beads. So much easier than a crochet hook. I love beading now with that method.

  7. It's going to be lovely when your finished.

  8. Knitting with beads, wow that's clever! Its going to be stunning when its finished!