09 August 2011


My littlest sister J is pretty cool.  Today she sent me an email saying: "K [our other sister] sent me a picture of herself doing the roger explosion wink the other day. It made me laugh lots."

Her email made me laugh.  The memory of Roger Explosion made me laugh.  I am such a huge Shaun Micallef fan (Who isn't??).  Roger Explosion is the epitome of comedy.  The makeup.  The fudged lines.  The wink, of course the wink.
Hello ladies.
If you aren't familiar with Shaun Micallef, or indeed Roger Explosion, do yourself a favour and get over to Youtube now.

Only to be shown in prisons.

Also on the topic of my sister, I bought her this today because she's a super duper fan of skeletons:
Thank you GoddessOfJewelry!

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  1. :D LOL!!! the roger explosion video is awesome!!! :D I'm going to send a link to my sister - she's gonna love that!! :)