25 August 2011

FO! Monroe shawl

I finished my monroe shawl ages ago now.  It's just taken me this long to get pictures.
When I took it off the blocker I was a bit meh about the whole thing.  I originally thought it was too long, and didnt know how to wear it. It also didn't seem to have enough drape to it, it was a bit on the skinny side for a stole.  Totally my fault entirely because I was afraid of running out of yarn I intentionally made it skinnier.

After leaving it a while it relaxed a bit and I don't mind it now.  I wear it as a big spongey scarf.  I've gotten lots of compliments, but I think it's more about the yarn than the execution of the piece ;)

The pattern is dead easy, no problemo.  I'm undecided about the edging, I don't really think it matches, it's a bit witchty-poo for me with all the pointyness. 

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