24 August 2011

Inspiration, and other random things.

Once again, I sometimes spy some cute and interesting things around the internet, which I store here for safe-keeping...

You've likely already seen this.  I'd seen a couple of these pics before, but not all of them.  Irina Werning took a bunch of old photos, and re-staged them years later perfectly in a series called Back to the Future. (My favourite Back to the Future still involves Marty McFly though.).  Also, check out the Chini Project, which makes me feel totally justified taking obscene amounts of photos of The Kitten.

How cute is this crochet dress?  Spotted by Underground crafter, in a super hard to find book called Modular Crochet: A Revolutionary New Method for Creating Custom-Design Pullovers by Judith Copeland. 

Spotted these cute coasters...
Cute rainbow coasters by Isabelle Kessedjian
..which reminded me of this:
Hearts desire doily on Ravelry, sad but nice.
One of my new favourite blogs to browse is Wit and Whistle.  I'm currently having much fun just browsing through old posts, and I hope to try more of the recipes that appear.  I thought this was a particularly cute idea, and one I will definitely try!  ( I just impulse bought all the supplies I'd need from ebay.. 6 bucks for 30 mini stamps!!)
DIY garden markers
The weather has been SO nice here in Melbourne, I've feeling a bit of Melbourne pride...
Melbourne map cusion cover
And trams, ah trams.  Even though I think it wouldn't hurt to decommision the W class trams in favour of something sleeker, safer and with a higher capacity... ahhh nostalgia... 
W Class cushion from MrsBeckinsale 

W class cushion
  Recently watched the Big Lebowski.  It was heaps good, you should see it.  Now I want one of these:

Are you a Lebowski achiever?  ARE YOU??

Found one on Etsy!
  And to finish.... a bit of cuteness...


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