23 July 2011

Share my joy, and around the internets.

I won *another* giveaway on a blog (remember this one?)!!  Teehee!  Thanks so much to the peeps at Punto Reves, I won some awesome crochet thread!  SO excited to receive it!

Awesome cotton thread on its way to me :)
Speaking of Punto Reves, isn't this gorgeous?
Look at this gorgeous edging on a baby boy blanket by Punto Reves

More cool stuffs I've seen recently around the interwebs...
Cute pixel cross stitch patterns from weelittlestitches on etsy
Crochet bracelets!
via Futuregirl
pattern via Ravelry
via the Purl bee
Also via the Purl Bee:
Pretty scarf
Citris Coasters 
Just loveliness.  Spotted here.  Anyone know where this is from originally?
Epic granny bag of epicness.  Spotted here.
Gorgeous granny-esque scarf by Do you mind if I knit (who also shares her ingenious invisibile joining technique!)
If you have seen something cool recently... please share! 


  1. Isn't cotton thread the best? ^_^ It comes in such great colours! And I *love* that giant crochet wall display! http://jpolka.blogspot.com/2011/03/narwhal-pattern.html And there's a link for something cool - I hope you like it! ^_^

  2. Loved your pictures! The giant crochet wall is amazing. I knit and crochet. I have something (it's on my blog) at the very bottom of this post.


    It's a knitting pattern eye chart but could be anything...crochet, quote, whatever. Hope you like it!