01 August 2011

Stuff I like, and stuff I've seen

I like stuff.  I'm sorry but I do.

I live in a material world and I am a material girl. (Anyone else love that line in The Wedding Singer?)  I can't help it.

I saw this post by Lauren Carney and was beside myself with awe.  How gorgeous.  I made a total impulse buy and bought this sweet brooch:
Sold 19 July 2011.  Muahhahahah.
 Another impulse buy, I couldn't resist this cute bath mat.
The Kitten approves, and thank goodness! The bath mat is one of her favorite chill out places.

Other stuff I've spied lately...
DIY Dahlia Corsage Brooch, spotted by Lisa.
And Lisa found this cute Narwhal crochet pattern.  Might have to get my amigurumi back on! 
Narwhal ami pattern from Wunderkammer
  Knitrageous also did some etsy shopping and picked up this cute knitting eye chart.

Very cool, though I couldn't find who on etsy was selling it.  Little help?
 Speaking of etsy (again)... look at this!!
Muffin pan and measuring spoon necklace from CuteAbility
  And MiA spotted these gorgeous cookies!
Granny square cookies from sugar and meringue.
Finally, on a totally different note, I saw Capitain America: First Avenger over the weekend.  I was originally intending not to post such frivolous things such as my opinion of  movies on my little blog... but... I friggin loved this movie.  I generally quite like comic books movies, but the idea of Captain America didn't interest me very much.  I thought it would be all war and American patriotism. But it was awesome!  There was really very little of that stuff and it was more about skinny Steve Rodgers becoming the bad ass Captain America.  I can't pinpoint exactly why I liked it, I think it mostly had to do with Evans' performance.  So I am now a massive Chris Evans fan (I  already really liked him in The Losers, Scott Pilgrim and Fantastic 4 anyway).  And omg The Avengers trailer?  You have got to be kidding me.  I nearly peed my pants.  Make sure you stay til the end of the credits for this one. 
Seen something cool lately?  Please share below!


  1. I love that knitting eye chart! And I have been undecided about seeing Captain America ... but I think your good review is enough to push into going to see it! ^_^

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    I will probably go see Capt America again. It is totally worth it just for the eye candy alone.. if I was being completely honest!!!

  3. Here's the link to the knitting eye chart. http://www.etsy.com/shop/iliveonafarm
    Thanks for stopping by!