10 October 2011

Nice things and clever people.

Happy Monday!  Yes, happy Monday!  Why not?  Start the week positve and maybe it will be alright...

Some recent favourite internet finds...

We just got Star Wars on Blu-Ray and watched them all over a weekend.  It was a good weekend.  Now I have a bit of star wars brain.
One of my favorite lines in the whole series (via)

Too cool R2D2 Helmet
And now some other crafty bits and bobs... 

Sarahndipities refashioned a gypsy skirt into a flattering dress!
Bloops invader's birthday (via Rav)
Feature wall using paint chips (via)
Amigurimi tea set pattern by DeliciousCrochet (via)
Found a new awesome blog to browse/procrastinate with - Super Punch!! 
Sign for a karate studio (via)
I generally think I am too old to wear character tees... but I couldn't resist this during the $10 tshirt sale (which is still on btw) at Threadless.
This is not my time machine (via)


  1. I love the Chewbacca embroidery! Too cool! My husband is a massive Star Wars fan so I am always looking for awesome things to make for him - I think this is now on the list ~_^

    Also, that t-shirt is awesome! I bet you will look like the coolest person ever when you wear it ^_^ (that sounded kinda sarcastic, but wasn't meant to be, I swear!)

  2. I love that jumper... adding that to the..when i can knit properly list.